Want to organize the Global DevOps Bootcamp at your location?

This is what we ask from you:

A venue

We expect from you that you provide a location where you can host the event. This location should be able to provide internet access and food and beverages during the day. (last year we did get sponsors for most locations, but no promises at the moment.)


During the bootcamp we provide technical challenges to the attendees. We expect the local organizer to provide people that can help achieve the goals in the challenges. The challenges are provided by us and you get support from us to learn and master the challenges before your audience gets them.

Local sponsors

Try to find local sponsors that can provide prizes that can be won when teams win the competition. Some swag is provided by us, but experience learns people love to get local swag and this is also a terrific opportunity for you to raise your brand awareness.

What do we provide?

Reach and exposure

We help drive demand for the event. It gives you an opportunity to organize something for your local community and drive DevOps awareness.


Global DevOps Bootcamp provides an Event out of the box. his means we provide all the content reaching from recorded Keynote videos with industry leaders, to presentations you can present yourself and put yourself at the center stage. We provide all the content and infrastructure, you handle the local event and logistics.


A Key piece of the Global DevOps Bootcamp are the challenges. We will provide the challenges to the event organizers and the infrastructure to run the challenges in the cloud. We arrange the required workstations in the cloud and if necessary the required sponsored subscriptions of various software providers.