What is Global DevOps Bootcamp

Global DevOps Bootcamp is a worldwide community event that has now been organized for three years in a row. Each year, we create a full-day experience around a central theme. The day starts with a keynote (of a famous speaker!), a local keynote (by you!), and a challenging yet inspiring hackathon focusing on DevOps practices and Modern Software practices.

People also learn about the latest trends and will be sharing their DevOps experiences. It’s a great opportunity to learn hands-on and network with others locally working in this space, and also get to hear all about some real-world DevOps experiences.

How does it work

The event is held globally on the same day. The great thing for you as an organizer, is that you only have to worry about a good location and skilled people that can proctor during the day. We will take care of the rest. We will provide you all materials for the keynote and hackathon, provide you with marketing materials and during the day we provide a fully-fledged infrastructure so that your participants can get started right away! The last edition, we had around 90 venues and 10.000 people joining worldwide.











Status update on GDBC 2022

After our cancellation of GDBC 2020 due to the pandemic we found new energy and motivation to start a GDBC 2022 edition. In September we, Xpirit and Solidify, came together to draft the outline of a new type of event. Suitable for physical, online and hybrid location. We had bold plans and came up with the theme “Embrace Chaos to Achieve Stability”. In the last months we have been preparing GDBC 2022 with quite a large group of enthusiastic people.

Read more 02 March 2022

Impressions 2019

Global DevOps Bootcamp is a free one-day event hosted by local passionate DevOps communities around the globe, centrally organized by Xpirit & Solidify and sponsored by Microsoft. The global DevOps Bootcamp was organized the first time in 2017, where everyone was overwhelmed by the success of the event. In 2019 the global DevOps Bootcamp was again organized by the same team, with some additional help from community members.

Read more 23 July 2019

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Our team

Global DevOps Bootcamp would not be possible without these wonderful people:


René van Osnabrugge


Marcel de Vries


Mathias Olausson


Geert van der Cruijsen


Jasper Gilhuis


Jesse Houwing


Magnus Timner


Manuel Ericstam


Michiel van Oudheusden


Rob Bos


A big thanks to our sponsors:


What our participants are saying:

"It ignited an interest in DevOps- I may change my career."

One of the best prepared hackathons

Really good. Loved trying out VSTS, it has changed a lot.

Wonderful boot camp. Learned a lot about DevOps and Azure Cloud computing.

For community event this was very professionally kept and better than many paid training camps I have participated. Good job!

It’s really great that DevOps Bootcamp is happening - there is such a great need for programs like this. I look forward to how it grows in years to come!