Status update on GDBC 2022

Hi all,

After our cancellation of GDBC 2020 due to the pandemic we found new energy and motivation to start a GDBC 2022 edition. In September we, Xpirit and Solidify, came together to draft the outline of a new type of event. Suitable for physical, online and hybrid location. We had bold plans and came up with the theme “Embrace Chaos to Achieve Stability”. In the last months we have been preparing GDBC 2022 with quite a large group of enthusiastic people.

But, as it goes in the time of a pandemic, we hit a lot of challenges in the months that followed. Both technical and organizational. We came to realize that Covid/Post Covid times changed reality for doing these kind of physical events.

We noticed this not only in our group but also at our partners. It is hard to get things arranged. Due to time, presence, priority or a combination of many other things.

We are now 2 months before the event and there is still a lot of uncertainty on a number of critical success factors. Technical challenges that are not yet resolved, a limited number of people and venues that are interested to host an event, sponsorship that is still not finalized and still a roaring pandemic in large parts of the world.

To make a long story short. We are not ready. And since GDBC is too much of an epic thing and don’t go for less than freaking awesome, we painfully have to conclude that we cannot continue with the event.

So, we have decided to cancel the event. And we fully understand and realize that we will disappoint a lot of people. People that worked relentlessly on our side, but also the GDBC community, you, who was very enthusiastic to organize this again. We are very sorry and apologize for that. But we have to be honest to you to ourselves.

GDBC deserves Quality without compromise and we don’t go for less. The last edition in 2019, that had 10000 participants and 100+ venues, has been great and we thank all of you who made this a success. This proves that we cannot settle for less. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out. We hope you understand and when we come up with something epic again, we can count on your help.

Best regards,

The GDBC Core team

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