May 14th, 2022

Saturday, the 14th of May, in 2022 will be a special day, where you will get to explore DevOps with a new edition of Global DevOps Bootcamp! After missing out on the 2020 edition, we are very happy to announce the new date in the new year. Where you get to spend a day on DevOps, learning new ways of working together with a team of other enthusiasts, guided by proctors and local event organizers.

The team behind Global DevOps Bootcamp already started working on everything we need to make this day an experience to remember. This time the learnings for the day will be centered around chaos:

Logo image of "embrace chaos to achieve stability

We hope to see you there!

We’ll be dependent on how things will develop in the new year, but we expect to have a mix of (smaller) venues together with a virtual part of the bootcamp this time around. That way we can cater for everyone and every situation. We’ll arrange an awesome keynote and have a platform you get to work on to learn by doing things yourself, together with a team. Learn how to work in a DevOps way by spending a day with likeminded people!

Tell us if you want to help out at a location near you as a proctor, or maybe you want to host a venue yourself! Let us know by filling in the form. Want to know what we ask of you? Check out the information page to learn more.

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