Welcome to the Global DevOps Bootcamp

Yearly around the globe

The Global DevOps Bootcamp takes place once a year on venues all over the world. The more people joining in, the better it gets!

DevOps on the Microsoft stack

Sharing knowledge around the DevOps methodology and various Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio, Azure and Xamarin.

Global DevOps Bootcamp

Practice your skills and with others on provided instances of VSTS and options to deploy to IaaS, PaaS, using containers or fully serverless.

Local organizers

The Global DevOps Bootcamp is built on the foundation of local organizers and enthusiasts. Can’t find any venue near you? Create a group and organize it yourself!

Team challenge

Form a team and join the competition against other teams for a chance to win great prizes. Show the world who can create the best solution to the challenge!

Increase the exposure

You as a local organizer is key to the success of your bootcamp. Use the hashtag #gdbc and promote the bootcamp on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The local organizer with the best social exposure will receive a prize!